Mum turned blogger

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Ernest hemingway.

It’s as simple as that but a lot more complicated as well. Anyone can rip their hearts open and bleed on paper. To make an art of it is another matter altogether.

I have spent years ignoring the worm in my head that tells me to write with excuses like too impractical, what’s the use, no time, will never see the light of day and many more but some things don’t need an excuse. A passion has a life throbbing inside it waiting to be lived. It just needs to be let out of the cage within you. It may fly to dizzying heights like an eagle or plop to the floor in a single unimpressive arc. Yet, it deserves a life and I have decided to give mine one.

In a recent Pakistani movie, ‘Pinky Memsaab’, there is a dialogue between a father and a daughter which stayed with me. The daughter tells her father she has stopped writing and he says, ”Good for you. I also think I should stop several things, stop reading for instance, then I think to myself that maybe certain things can be done for their own sake without them leading to anything else like living for instance or writing.”

Point being-the destination ceases to be of import when the quest itself is so fulfilling.

By profession, I am a London based accountant, ACCA, and have held finance jobs in different sectors like Audit, IT, Education and Fitness.

I recently became a mother to a beautiful baby girl and that has been a wonderful, crazy and blessed experience. Amidst all the tears (of joy), overwhelming tides of keeping a little human alive, sleepless nights, and ALOT of BABY SHARK in my ears, a place where I could pen my thoughts was a welcome break to think and unwind. Welcome all and do leave comments. As a new mummy it is hard for me to be regular but I will try my best.

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