My Dad v the viruses of the world.

You know when they say ‘listen to your parents’. And we never do.

As a child we don’t want to as we don’t have much sense.

As a teenager the urge to rebel is too strong.

As an adult we think we know better.

In fact there is a very narrow window in our lives when we actually call our parents incessantly to ask them for advice.That window is mostly post children when we are in the same boat as them and can relate to them.

My dad has always been what we called a ‘clean machine’. My mum has struggled all her life to tell him to not ‘waste’ tissues to pick up/touch dirty objects that may/may not be infected or ‘waste’ so much soap washing hands religiously.

When we came home from shopping, he would make us wash our hands and any area that was in contact with the germy outdoor world. When we came from the hospital or even the dentist he would make us change our clothes and wash hands or preferably take a shower. Everyone else would tell us germs are good, dirt is good as it builds our immunity. My dad would shake his head and point to the sink.

With the Covid-19 pandemic breaking out and spreading rapidly across the globe, a friend recently asked me forlornly – what will we do? I told her I will just carry on doing what my dad has always told me to do. And hope for the best.

Yes, take the virus seriously as it is spreading fast but please also do the following;

  1. There is a lot of information circulating out there- believe reliable sources and facts not conspiracy theories.
  2. Don’t spiral into panic; as it may effect your mind before it effects your body. Pray or meditate whatever works for you.
  3. Be humane and considerate; Leave some soap/tissues for other people on the shelves as you need them to be clean as well.
  4. Stay at home as much as you can and keep your children with you, limit exposure to big gatherings. Try to work from home if you can.
  5. Above all -keep clean. Clean your hands and surfaces religiously.

Prayers for a safe, virus free world.

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