Last minute locha


Locha: Problem or Disturbance

Scene: So we are getting ready for a lunch at my mum in laws house. My husband’s aunt has come to see the baby for the first time and my husband has already told me ‘Be ready by 1pm, we should be there before they arrive’. I get the baby ready with cute headband, have got myself ready, put on makeup and shoes. After this, baby is in the car seat and hubby has put on his shoes and is waiting.
I decide last minute ‘oh, I forgot to put on my perfume!’ I reach for the bottle and in a hurry spray perfume on myself. The nozzle is turned upwards and the perfume sprays directly into my left eye instead of in the general direction of my arm pit.
My left eye starts hurting like hell. Now I am deciding should I splash some water in my eye- that would mean taking off eye makeup from one eye and putting it back on again.
Me to husband sheepishly, ‘Um, my eye is paining because I sprayed some perfume in my eye.’
Husband with an irritated expression, ‘what? how did you manage to do that?’
‘Actually, the nozzle was turned this way and ….’ I tried explaining with gestures.
He puts up a hand to silence me.
‘I told you we needed to leave by …’he looks at the clock…well 15 minutes ago!’
Me with a hurt expression, ‘fine, I will just carry on with a hurting eye then!’
Me picking up my bag in a huff and muttering, ‘If something had happened to the baby’s eye, it would be fine to stay back as long as it takes, No one cares about me anymore!’
Hubby with a guilty look, ‘look, wash your eye, we are late anyway.’
Me turning to him, ‘but I will have to put on eye make up again.’
Hubby making a hopeless attempt, ‘I have told you before! you look nice without makeup, wash your face and you will look better without the cake on.’
Me raising my eyebrows to confirm, ‘so I am washing my eye and re applying makeup.’
Hubby giving up, ‘yes, yes, now Go, please.’
Me turning away, hiding a relieved smile 


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