The seven totems of London

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay 

Netflix series ‘You’ spoke of the seven totems of Los Angeles. If anyone were to spot all seven they would be unable to leave the city. It got me thinking of the equivalent seven totems of London.

  1. Pressed against a stranger on a cramped train/tube and avoiding eye contact throughout the journey.
  2. Seeing someone falling through the gap between the train and the platform while warnings of ‘Mind the gap’ play out in the background.
  3. Witnessing a bus/truck run over a cyclist or a person on an electric scooter.
  4. An empty Trafalgar Square (besides pigeons).
  5. Being let on the bus free due to a faulty ticket machine.
  6. Getting stuck on tower bridge as it opens.
  7. A dog in a pram (that one matches the LA totem) and a child on a leash.

I have lived in London for ten years and I am short of two so there is still hope for me 🙂 What’s your take on the seven totems of your city?

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