Come, Firefly.

Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay 

Oh firefly shine, Oh firefly divine,

Escape the jar of human devise,

Let your soul dispel the dark

Let your smile conjure a spark

I’ll follow your light

With my inner sight

Take me to the land of fire

Away from my mundane mire

Oh firefly shine, Oh firefly divine,

Come, let’s see what we can find,

Not an earthly mate,

Or a life list with a rate

Maybe a soulmate, maybe my fate,

Lead me, oh firefly,

To the land of fire,

To the land of abandon,

Where souls unite,

without a brand, without a stamp,

without gender, without race,

Without beauty only physical,

Without pretence of the mythical,

Without the rules made of man,

Oh firefly of an insect form,

Of nature you are mild,

Untamed, yet taming the wild,

Teach me to light up each nook in my fold,

Come firefly, let’s shine together to end a dark world.

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